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Loose Diamonds

Welcome to our diamond inventory live feed. Below you will find an extensive inventory of loose diamonds that is made conveniently searchable and sortable to help you find the best diamond for your new jewelry design. All of our diamonds come with its own Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Grading certificate, so you can be confident that the diamond is exactly as presented.

From the “Diamond Filters” drop down menu you can create your search for Shape, Carat Weight, Clarity, and Color. Multiple choices can be made within each search. Clicking on an individual diamond photo will take you to that diamond’s description page where you can view photos, videos and the GIA certificate.

Once you select a diamond simply click on the “Contact Jeweler” button at the bottom of the description on that diamonds individual page. We will get your request and contact you shortly to get your choice reserved for you.

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