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Greg and Kanae’s Jewelry and Art is a new kind of jewelry and art gallery. As soon as you walk into our gallery, you will see and feel the difference. Incorporating Kanae’s ability with lines and forms and Greg’s architectural sense and attention to detail, the gallery is modern, beautiful and peaceful. The entire store is visible in an open floor plan from entrance through the work studio and to the office. It is clean and uncluttered but relaxing and warm. The “energy” of peace and beauty that Greg and Kanae work for in life is clearly present here.

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Greg and Kanae’s Jewelry and Art is the physical home of “Greg Neeley Design”, Greg’s Internet Jewelry Store and “Kanae”, Kanae’s Internet sculpture gallery. The showroom is a mixture of live pieces of jewelry and art with touchscreen pads connected to Greg’s jewelry design internet catalog and Kanae’s Web gallery. You can view and try on actual jewelry and view beautiful pieces of Kanae’s art while browsing our websites. Each touchscreen has its own counter space and stool. Come in, sit at the counter and shop with no pressure. View jewelry in the showcase and see dozens of color variations of that item on the touchscreen. Browse the archives of art and jewelry to inspire a new creation just for you.

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We also offer you access to over 1200 gem and diamond wholesalers nationwide right on our touch screens. You can search for loose diamonds, rubies, and any other gemstone imaginable right in our showroom. Do you enjoy the adventure and excitement of searching the internet for gems but aren’t sure what you are getting if you purchase? In our showroom you can search for gems only offered to licensed dealers and there are literally tens of thousands of gems available. All the gems have pricing on the screen. You can view photos, videos and certificates from reputable laboratories that have evaluated the gems and verify their authenticity. You also have us and our experience and knowledge to rely on. Greg is certified in diamond evaluation and grading by the most prestigious school and laboratory in the world, The Gemological Institute of America; GIA. Add over 40 years of experience in gemstone buying and selling and you have a true gem expert in the room with you to guide you through the intricacies and nuances of gemstone grading and pricing.

When you make your purchase, you will have us to represent you in the gem industry insuring that you get the gem you were offered. We act on your behalf to receive the gemstones in our secure store. We insure the stones are the ones you ordered and that they are as advertised. We also handle funds for you. You can be assured that the seller is a bonified gemstone wholesaler of good standing in the jewelry community. You will get exactly what you paid for just as if you walked into our gallery and selected a gem from our showcase.

You can also visit with Kanae about her sculpture and now her new line of jewelry. Kanae takes commissions for all sizes of stone sculpture. Learn all about stone sculpture, where the stone is quarried, how the stone is shaped and polished, and how the stones speak to Kanae about what they want to become. It is fascinating to hear Kanae talk about the processes that take a stone from the quarry to a wonderful work of art in your home or garden.

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Greg and Kanae’s Jewelry & Art

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