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Jewelry Repair

Serving the Lakeway Jewelry Repair needs of the community, Greg speaks about his jewelry repair as creating an "INVISIBLE REPAIR".

"I have over 40 years of experience in all areas of jewelry design and manufacture. This experience, together with our state of the art equipment make almost any repair not only possible but “invisible”. A repair done correctly should be “invisible”. Repair should also be durable, effectively solving the problem while returning your treasured piece to its original beauty and luster."

At Greg and Kanae’s Jewelry and Art we believe that competent and expert jewelry repair is an essential service to our clientele and the jewelry repair needs. Our full-service, modern facility and Greg’s knowledge and ability with jewelry of all types and styles give our clientele unmatched service in every area of repair and restoration. Greg has worked with all types of metals and gems; Platinum, Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold, Turquoise and Silver, Bronze, Pewter, Tin and Stainless Steel. We also provide electroplating for all types of metals. Whatever your repair needs are we will expertly and reliably repair and restore your treasures beauty and security.

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We employ the latest software for repair intake and management. Your item is photographed and recorded at intake. You are provided with a clear explanation of the work to be done and the cost involved based on a “Blue Book” of nationally accepted repair prices. No guessing and no surprises. Your jewelry is placed in secure packaging with the job order attached with a photo of each item. You are provided with a “bar code” receipt for pick up to insure only you or your trusted representative can pick up your jewelry. While in our facility your jewelry is fully insured by Jewelers Mutual Insurance.

We work hard to provide you reliable service and peace of mind that your jewelry is safe and in professional care. You can count on us, we are here for you.

Here is a list of some but not all of the wide range of repair services we provide:

  • Ring sizing
  • Prong replacement and repair
  • Adjustable ring shanks for difficult knuckles
  • Laser Welding, state of the art technology
  • Restorations to new from the factory condition
  • Diamond and Gemstone replacement
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Chain clasps
  • Rhodium Plating, restoring pure white color to white gold.
  • Turquoise jewelry repairs, all kinds.
  • Pearl and Bead stringing.
  • Watch batteries and repair.
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Greg and Kanae’s Jewelry & Art

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